AJRGuitarMods - Ethos & Contacts
Hi I'm a gigging musician who started to do these mods, customisations and builds to improve my own instruments and those of my fellow band members...but as people saw and heard them, I started getting enquiries from other enthusiasts. My intention to delight the people I work with. As such, I will not take on anything I don't think I can do, and if there is something I haven't done before but sounds a great idea, I'll often try it on one of my own instruments first! This to me is a hobby and not a money-making venture. As such, projects you may have in mind similar to those you see on the website may be more affordable than you think. For that reason, I don't have a fixed price list. So if there's something you want me to quote on - or just ideas you want to talk through - then drop me a mail and we can talk through the possibilities. No obligation, no pressure. Andy Rogers
Contacts email: ajrguitarmods@hotmail.co.uk